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Pre-K for All

The Pre-K program at The Little Learning Center offers a multidisciplinary and creative approach to learning. The NYCDOE Units of Study serve as the guiding instructional curriculum where teachers facilitate learning through center-based exploration and play. Children become immersed in an environment that is rich in print, visuals, and classroom materials that make learning accessible, meaningful, and enjoyable. The classroom is designed so that children are able to demonstrate independence in their own learning and are able to take initiative in how they approach the different learning goals set forth by the teachers. Teachers establish structure and predictability in routines and schedules early on, so that students are able to practice autonomy within the classroom. 


Teachers develop lessons and meaningful instructional tasks that are developmentally appropriate and fully aligned with The New York State Prekindergarten Learning Standards (NYSPLS). Each unit of study or thematic unit is designed to target each developmental domain for children with different abilities, languages, backgrounds, or diverse needs. Pre-K students who attend our program develop skills in Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, The Arts, and Technology (Digital Literacy). A big emphasis is placed on Social and Emotional Learning in the Pre-K classrooms as well, as social-emotional intelligence serves as the backbone for successful learning. Children learn to be effective communicators and collaborators, working with their peers to problem-solve, create, make connections to self and others, and demonstrate knowledge of concepts. 


Child-centered learning is the backbone of the Pre-K program at The Little Learning Center. Teachers observe and make meaningful, data-driven assessments to differentiate and develop lessons that will provide positive outcomes for all of the diverse learners in the classroom. Through hands-on learning, targeted small group lessons, and whole group lessons that pique the interests of all, students are given opportunities to dive deep into a world of explorative learning. By the end of the school year, our Pre-K students have developed all of the foundational knowledge to become successful learners when they enter Kindergarten.

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