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About us

Learning Begins Here


Our School

The early childhood years are the most crucial time for young learners. Imagination flourishes, play takes center stage, and meaningful learning ensues when children are in the right supportive learning environment. That’s where we come in!

The Little Learning Center has been providing high-quality early childhood education in the Queens community since 2009. Our school community is ever-growing and we hold our standard of care, safety, learning, and teaching to the utmost importance. 


Meaningful learning can only take place in a classroom environment that promotes a child’s ability to engage and thrive. Classrooms at our school are designed to foster learning that is accessible, responsive, and reflective. Maintaining effective health and safety measures is also vital in ensuring an effective learning space. All of our classrooms are thoroughly maintained and disinfected on a regular basis to guarantee a safe and clean learning environment.

Our Mission

Children who graduate from The Little Learning Center hold the tools necessary to succeed when they enter Kindergarten. Social-emotional intelligence, core knowledge in literacy and math skills, problem-solving abilities, physical growth, and an intrinsic joy for learning are among the achievements children demonstrate when they leave our program.


We make this happen by getting to know each of the children in our program. Through observations, assessments, differentiation of instruction, and building a meaningful and impactful relationship with each child, our teachers are able to make these achievements possible. 

As a neighborhood school, one of our core values is maintaining a positive partnership with families. Children need to feel supported in their learning and growth at school and home. Maintaining a solid line of communication with families, sharing resources that are beneficial to the school community, and underscoring the value of early childhood education are aspects that we hold invaluable to our family-oriented school. 


Our Educators

All of our teachers are highly qualified professionals who hold NYS teaching certifications in Early Childhood Education. Our teachers facilitate learning through meaningful discussions and questioning, implement developmentally appropriate lessons, differentiate instruction for students with a variety of needs and abilities, and assess students through data collection to target growth. The overarching pedagogical aim of our teachers is to encourage students to develop autonomy in their learning and to make meaningful connections to the world around them.

A solid curriculum and knowledgeable and caring teachers provide the foundation for a love of learning among children. At The Little Learning Center, your child will begin their learning journey through a curriculum that piques their interest and teachers that foster their curious minds. Teachers at our school develop activities and lessons that focus on the whole child, which equitably prepares each student to reach their full potential. 

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