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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My child has a severe allergy that requires an Epi-Pen. What is the protocol regarding allergies and Epi-Pen use?
    If your child has a documented allergy, a parent must have the child’s pediatrician fill out an Allergies/ Anaphylaxis Medication Administration Form. If the pediatrician indicates that an Epi-Pen must be available at the school while the child is in attendance, the parent/ guardian MUST supply the school with an unexpired Epi-Pen to be stored in the child’s classroom in the event of an anaphylactic shock. There are multiple staff members in the school who are certified in handling Anaphylaxis and Epi-Pen use.
  • What is the ratio of teachers to students in the classroom?
    The ratio of teachers to students is 2:15 for each 3-K classroom, and 2:18 for each Pre-K classroom. There is a lead teacher and a teacher’s assistant in each classroom.
  • Do we follow the NYC public school calendar?
    Yes. Our school follows the NYC public school calendar for all federal holidays, recess periods (Winter Recess, Midwinter Recess, Spring Recess), and other applicable holidays. There are some minor differences for early dismissal days and Parent-Teacher Conference days. A school calendar is provided for all registered families for the attending school year.
  • Are the students eating and sleeping in the same classroom?
    Yes. Students have all meals and rest time in their own classrooms. Students have their own labeled cots that are stored in the classroom for rest time every day. These cots are spread out across the classroom for rest time.
  • Is there an outdoor playground on-site?
    Yes. We have an on-site outdoor playground. Weather permitting, students go outside for gross motor time each day.
  • Is our school a dual-language/ bilingual school?
    There is no separate dual language or bilingual program available at our school. However, we have teaching staff who are fluent in Spanish and Mandarin to support English language learners throughout the school day.
  • Are there any restrictions to which foods can be packed for my child?
    We are a NUT-FREE school. Any types of nuts or snacks that contain nuts should not be brought to school. We also encourage families to pack healthy snacks such as fruits and cheese, in lieu of snacks that are high in sugar.
  • Is there tuition for 3-K and Pre-K?
    No, 3-K and Pre-K are part of the NYCDOE public school system. School day hours are free for all eligible children. We offer a tuition–based extended day program as well as summer program for families who are interested.
  • Is there a communication tool that the teachers use?
    Yes, our school uses ClassDojo to communicate with families. ClassDojo messages and posts can be translated into a family's home language. Teachers post pictures and descriptions of the children’s learning through ClassDojo and parents/ guardians can send and receive messages from their child’s teacher/ school personnel. Important school announcements are also posted on ClassDojo.
  • Is transportation provided?
    No, there is no school bus service provided.
  • What are the school hours?
    3-K: 8:30 am - 2:50 pm Pre-K: 8:30 am - 2:50 pm Extended Day: 2:50 am - 5:30 pm.
  • Is there rest time for the 3-K and Pre-K programs?
    Yes, there is about an hour of rest time for both the 3-K and Pre-K programs. Each child is supplied with their own individual cots and parents/ guardians are required to send in bedding (one crib-sized fitted sheet and a blanket) so that the child can use it during rest time.
  • How many students are enrolled at The Little Learning Center?
    Flushing Site: There are 33 available seats at our school across 2 classrooms. The total seat capacity for 3K is 15, and 18 for Pre-K College Point Site: There are 56 available seats at our school across 4 classrooms. The total seat capacity for 3K is 20, and 36 for Pre-K.
  • What meals are served during the school day?
    Three meals, breakfast, lunch, and snacks, are served every full school day. Hot lunch is catered by a vendor and delivered to our school daily. Fruits and milk are served with lunch. Breakfast consists of variety of cereals, fruits and milk. Snacks are a rotation of different crackers and milk.
  • Is there a half-day program available?
    No, only full-day programs are offered.
  • How does toileting work during the school day?
    There are many transitions throughout the day where students go to use the bathroom as a whole class. A teacher also takes any child to the bathroom whenever it is needed. Some students are not yet toilet trained and come to school in pull-ups. The teachers partner with families to support the child in becoming toilet-trained.
  • Is there a parking lot available?
    No. There is street parking available. There is a municipal parking lot across the street from the College Point site.
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